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I'm Christine Dychiao

I curate and educate through the power of digital media. I have found my passion and purpose in mindful living.

I have written lifestyle stories for Vogue Philippines, Lifestyle Asia, Inquirer Lifestyle, The Philippine Star, and Preview Magazine. As the first certified Konmari Consultant in the Philippines, I work with a growing roster of clients ranging from Top 1000 Corporations to independent brands, and individual clients. I have also educated tens of thousands who aspire to a mindful, informed, and sustainable lifestyle via workshops and talks.


You may learn more about my advocacy and insights through features of the work I do in The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manila Bulletin, Metro.Style, MEGA Magazine, and other publications. I also serve as a resource on tidying for TV shows in ABS-CBN, NET25 and GMA 7 .


I graduated with a BS Business Economics degree from UP Diliman and an MBA (Double Major in Marketing and Entrepreneurship) from the Asian Institute of Management. My career has spanned various fields from consumer and investment banking, to fashion retail and entrepreneurship in Manila and Singapore.

My Services

Decluttering Support

Closet Organizing

Home Organizing


Spark Joy Spaces


"I went through a whole house Konmari overhaul in 2017 and our lives have never been the same since. Going through the process really changes you in a soul level. Konmari shifts your energy and invites so much good into your space. I’ve seen so many things open up for me when my house and my mind was cleared of clutter. Not just me, but my son is changed too. I’m glad he’s starting with this awareness at a young age."

Eliza Santiago

"Tin Dychiao came to our home in January 2018. I initially didn’t think I needed a consultant because I felt I knew how to organize myself. However, I thought I might learn more from personal coaching ... and I did! 20 months later, the general organization is in place, there are still days of “mess” but it’s easy to go back to organization. Most importantly, the best thing I took from sessions with Tin is trying to understand what matters most - applying Konmari to our values, on choosing where to put our money, to only buy what’s enough, to view things from abundance rather than lack and ultimately find out what sparks authentic inner joy. I couldn’t have gotten to this point without personal consultations with Tin and for this, I am truly grateful."

Kris de Guzman

"Konmari’s timing in my life couldn’t have been better. We were renovating the house, and was set to move to a smaller space. Through the Konmari process, I learned that I had been living in the shadow of fear of people not liking me — thus I ended up with things I couldn’t give away! During the time I was cleaning out, I finally felt the power to give away gifts that I would NEVER use, and the things that I bought to make myself “feel better”.

While I know that retail therapy can indeed be some form of therapy, if nothing within me is fixed, then — it just becomes a cycle .

I’ve learned to stop purchasing things that will give me a temporary high, because I’ve learned how to be “high” on myself. I’ve learned to put away neatly so I remember where all my things are. I’ve also learned, that, sometimes, you fall off the “tidying” horse. And it’s okay. I can get back on anyway."

Jen Tan

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